About me

I’m Abdollah, a graduate student in Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at UC Berkeley. I received my Bachelor of Science and my Masters in Statistics and Probability Theory from École polytechnique. I am specializing in Statistics, Operations Research and Machine/Deep Learning. I previously worked on a data science project where I use many different qualitative, quantitative, and computational methods to study and analyze public health data, while trying to reach two goals: 1) to predict if a person is addicted to pain-killers or not, and 2) understand pain and find ways to treat it optimally.

My interest in finance led me to spend 5 months working for BNP Paribas as a Quantitative Researcher in New York City, where I developed innovative ways of creating Credit Scorecards on several portfolios using Machine and Deep Learning. I was the President of X-Ray, École polytechnique’s Radio, and the Director of External Relations at my school’s student association JTX. I also was Head of the Communication department at X-Entreprises, and I am also a boxer.

I will be uploading my school projects as well as many side projects on my Github repositories. My resume is available here, and is also on my LinkedIn profile.